Finding a new way

America has been a prominent military power and has demonstrated their martial supremacy through insurgency attacks targeting specific countries. Both President Obama and Bush attempted to fight the war on terror by invading single countries, Afghanistan and Iraq. Though both presidents have sent a small amount of troops to various Middle Eastern countries, such as Pakistan and Palestine, the majority of troops were stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, Al-Qaeda groups can be found in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and even the United States. Though concentrated troops have worked in the past, the war on terror has no central location. America must use a different type of warfare because there are no practical ways for American troops to invade all said terrorist groups. Some of the difficulties in invading these said terrorist groups are monetary costs and the many secret groups that are unknown to United States intelligence. For these reasons, America must reform their current military strategies because stationing mass amounts of concentrated troops is simply wasting American money and lives. To find the perfect military tactics, one must look how rapidly society has advanced technologically over the last 20 years. America must look at technology, not the brute force that has made America victorious in the past because the terrorists have spread out and delocalized making physical troops are ineffective. Therefore, Obama’s invasion into Afghanistan is nebulous and ineffective to the global terrorist groups. America must determine an intelligence policy that will hurt the network, not just one specific location.





~ by lhipple on November 5, 2009.

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