maybe we will get lucky

Each year, issue 3 was on the ballet and I quickly agreed with opposition. I believed that it would promote crime, poverty, and scandal in intercity Cleveland, which already seems to be bread transgressions; however, my opinion has changed. Cleveland, just a mere 20 years ago, was a booming and profitable city to live in. Sadly, today the once bustling downtown has emptied out and turned into a ghost town. Cleveland, judging by its past, has great potential; however, because of the lack of downtown development, the deserted city cannot be exploited to its full potential. A Casino could attract people to the city and then, consequently, bring more money and business to the city. Monetarily, Casinos seem to be a good solution; however, the major objection is the poverty casinos could bring to Cleveland. This is a pointless argument because, whenever a city makes progressions that gain profit, someone is hurt. For example, when a mall is built in a community, people tend to spend money, and some people develop an addiction to shopping, When a bar is built, people could become alcoholics, when a sports stadium is built, sports fanatics become consumed by the teams;  these arguments would never prevent these institutions from being established, so why are Casinos different? I am not saying that there are no risks, but when are there not? It’s time for Cleveland to renovate and attract some people into the city, because at this point, what do we have to lose? We need to do something because, no matter how many apartments we build, if there is nothing to do then the city will never attract the younger generation.


~ by lhipple on November 10, 2009.

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