The UN has asked to inspect Iran’s Uranium plants to ensure they are not making nuclear weapons. Even with threats of stricter sanctions, Iran is still blatantly ignoring the Nuclear Non-Proliferating Treaty they signed by not allowing an inspection. The UN might be essentially waging its finger at Iran in disapproval, but what has the UN, and better yet what CAN the UN do? Another question is, do they have to do anything, or is Iran bluffing like the Russians? Whatever Iran is trying to accomplish, producing nuclear weapons or getting international attention, the UN is aiding them in doing so. I believe this spectacle involving Iran are their it’s complete disregard to the UN proves how nebulous and ineffective international law is and how difficult it is to enforce.

            Alright, after that tirade, what should the United States do when it comes to Iran? Some believe it is hypocritical of the United States to regulate nuclear power because of the 2 Atomic bombs that were dropped on Japan; however, just because there was genocide in Germany during WWII, would it be hypocritical of them to deter the genocide that is going on in Darfur. Yes, the United States dropped a bomb on Japan, but that doesn’t mean we cannot prevent hot headed nations, like Iran whose president said they want to essentially sink Israel into the ocean, from making radical decision. Also, we must consider our international standing. Do we want sit back and allow ignorant holocaust denying leaders obtain nuclear weapons, puppet or not, and do we want us or our allies to be threatened by a secretive Iran? One might also say why do we sit back and let North Korea have nuclear weapons? The differences are that North Korea is not making death threats towards nations and has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferating Treaty. Note: I do believe in efforts to convince North Korea to sign the treaty because they are a failed nation; however, I believe because of the radical public statements Iran has been making it is pertinent that the United States makes a stand with or without the UN. I would prefer that the United States military does not invade, but if the United States joins with other nations, not under UN though because there are too many nations to appease to, that group could be aggressive and could scare Iran into allowing inspection. Also, many people believe that by confronting Iran will be similar to Iraq, but again Iraq was not threatening to wipe out whole nations, there were different motives for that invasion. The United States and others must realize that Iran is dangerous with its puppet and completely unpredictable statements for there even to be a possibility of nuclear development.


~ by lhipple on December 1, 2009.

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