Keeping America Competitive

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As foreign countries supply education for their citizens, they are becoming more advanced and educated. The United States, to maintain their powerful position in the world, must also educate our citizens. Today, every child is given the opportunity to attend public school payed for by the taxes of the communitys’ residents. The communities inhabited by the lower income bracket suffer because the residents cannot afford sufficient education. This system is flawed because the education of the United States populous defines us as a nation, making education a national issue. I completely agree with nationalizing education and improving the image of the United States as a whole, but precautions must be made before a national program is instituted to ensure it does not implode and create more problems.

When a teacher is hired in a public school, they become members of the AFT. This union ensures they will keep their job, unless they break the law: sexual and physical abuse of students. With this union, teachers with sub par lectures and test scores are more likely to keep their jobs. Since American citizens are going ot be investing their hard earn money, teachers that do not perform must be fired. Testing in public schools, especially those that were inadequate prior to the reforms, must be taken to ensure the standards are being met.  Also, the books must be very well kept to prevent corruption that plague numerous public schools today to ensure the minimal money is stolen. The federal government can set a minimal standard for schools, but it cannot prevent a community from raising its local taxes to improve the local public school. Because of the competition around the United States, the citizens must be educated to some extent to ensure a prosperous country; however, the people of communities always have the right to raise taxes and make their public school more prestigious and attractive to prospective movers. The federal system must be a happy median that gives Americans the choice in their taxes but still maintaining the United States’ competitive edge.


Its good to make things difficult

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The Constitution is the supreme law of the land and all other laws must coincide with it. T. To ratify the constitution, ¾ of the state legislatures have to agree on one sole decision. If ¾ of congress were to agree, a very rare occurrence, it would be extremely difficult and take a long time, and that is just the way I like it. The constitution in its self is another check in our governmental system. It prevents laws being passed that could potentially infringe on citizens freedoms, rights, or independence. For example, the second amendment gives a citizen the right to bear arms. Some Americans believe this amendment should be ratified because they think being able to bear arms is dangerous to society. If the ratification process was simpler, this freedom of self defense could have potentially been taken away due to the high paid, very persuasive lobbyists. And a side note on gun control, a person has to pass a test and be license to carry a gun. The majority of the crimes are committed with illegal guns or by non-licensed gunman, obviously willing to commit heinous crimes, so making it illegal would just be hurting citizens that want to protect themselves. Going back to the Constitution, our founding fathers knew society would change over the years and attempted to make it timeless with loose language. This allows for current officials to interpret the Constitution differently to contemporary times, but still upholding Constitutional values. So I say keep the amending process, because the Constitution should only change when it is unanimous and completely necessary.

Economy Frustration

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                Let’s face it, America’s status as a world power is deteriorating by the moment: the American dollar is decreasing in value, unemployment is increasing, and our country continues to pile on the debt. American corporations are outsourcing their jobs because the wages and regulations of foreign countries, mainly the BRIC countries, are more economical. Mr. Huston suggested that American industry should consist of complex manufacturing, like medical equipment. However, this argument is insignificant because the medical equipment constructed would not appeal to a global market due to strict American medical regulations. I believe the world is beginning to level out. Currently, America has the highest living standards and the BRIC countries have some the lowest. As American jobs relocate the standard of living somewhere else goes up while ours is going down. We as Americans have a choice to make. We lower our living standard and abolish minimum wage to compete with other countries, or we dramatically change regulations and corrupt taxes. We have to make America marketable and tax intelligently.  

Honestly, I have no idea how to stop America’s decline , but I do know what I do not want to happen. I do not want the standard of living in the United States to go down. The only logical way to ensure this does not happen is to reorganize our tax structure and regulations. I am all for clean energy, but now is not the time to start issuing fees like cap and trade to corporations. None of the Major industrial countries tax nonetheless cares about the pollution of their factories so how are we to compete? We should allow corporations time to switch to clean energy and develop economical technology. Though it would be detrimental to select industries in our country, there is a part of me that wants the Chinese and Indian goods to be taxed. If, for example,  even if Chinese factories were allowed in America they would be taxed excessively. Isn’t fair they are also taxed the same as American companies to ensure fair trading? This tax on pollution might, though extremely idealistic, provoke China and others to regulate more to abolish the American tax.

This issue drives me absolutely crazy. I don’t want to lower our standard of living, but it looks inevitable. America can simple not compete at the standards we are living at today. Something has to change, and sadly I believe it is America being the leader in trade. I hope Washington figures it out so I am not trading in Renminbi in 2020.

Finding a way

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There is only a matter of time before the next terrorist attack and it is expected to be ten times worse than 9/11. The next attack is predicted to be anthrax or some other deadly disease planted in our postal service that will infect our whole country. Guantanamo Bay, or Gitmo, is a detainment center for suspected terrorists where it was suspected that the prisoners were being subjected to torture. Many people believed that it was unjust because in America we believe that someone is innocent till proven guilty. Not only does this principal supposedly protect the suspected terrorists but also the Geneva Conventions, signed in 1449 by the United States, protects all prisoners of war from unjust treatment. These are two valid arguments, but the opposition of torture needs to realize it is neither 1776 nor 1949. The officials that established “innocent till proven guilty” and signed to Geneva Conventions had no idea what type of warfare the United States would be subjected to. They had no idea that over 2,000 unarmed Americans would be attacked and killed in one day. These malicious attacks need to be terminated to ensure national security and the only way to do that is to obtain information. Gitmo is the center where a lot of the suspects are held and allegedly tortured. There is no doubt in my mind there has been some questionable treatment, but who can blame them? Terrorists are attached to a country, rather a religion. This means they fully believe that they are right and that these massacres need to happen. The religious aspect of the terrorist makes it extremely difficult just sit down and talk. With the stubbornness and the weight on the CIA’s soldiers of thousands of American lives I can understand enhanced interrogation. Now, I am not saying to be extremely abusive and nearly kill every suspected terrorist, but I would like the activists of human rights to remember the massive human rights violation the United States was sporadically subjected to. The United States also has to figure out an efficient manner to deter terrorist attacks because after all this is a fairly new type of warfare. But, honestly, if you look at it, there hasn’t been a major terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11 so we are officially doing something right.

What are you willing to pay?

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This week we had discussions about the new healthcare plan and increasing taxes on unhealthy food. The majority of the class and Mr. Huston himself agreed that if someone decided to eat 5 Big Macs a day, they have to take responsibility and pay retributions for their healthcare. It was suggested that foods like McDonalds should be taxed more heavily to compensate for the medical costs in the future.

I agree that no one should pay for another’s poor judgment; however, I feel that taxing unhealthy food would be the beginning of the end. Unhealthy food would be taxed because it can potentially be detrimental to one’s health. If the government followed this theory, everything that can impair one’s health must be taxed. If a child wanted to play a sport their family would have to pay an extra tax because the child is more susceptible to injury. If a financially unstable family were to have to choose the extra tax on unhealthy food or their child’s sports, most likely they would choose to pay the taxes on the unhealthy food. The extra taxes would also be the burden on the lower income families because they more typically purchase fast food. That would mean, if one child is active in sports and another child is eating MacDonald’s every day, the tax ironically is the same.

The only practical way to have someone take responsibility for what they do to their body is to have individuals pay for healthcare. If the government where to offer a public plan, they would have to interfere excessively in the business world. These new taxes would cause many of the current businesses to go bankrupt and deter citizens to participate in activities that could “potentially endanger” ones health. That is infringing on the American people’s freedoms. So to keep the government from taxing just about everything, health care needs to be privatized; the American people should be trusted to step up and aid those who cannot afford it, just as the United States as a nation reaches out to numerous third world countries today.

Hello world!

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